Great North Road vs New North Road

There can be only one winner

There are a lot of cool roads in Auckland. Two of them are Great North Road and New North Road. I was thinking, if I had to chose between both of them, which one would I chose. Like if a gun was pointed at my head and I had to make a decision, which would it be? Great or New?

Great North Road

Let’s start by looking at Great North Road. It starts at the intersection where Karangahape Road intersects with Newton and Ponsonby Roads. It goes through a commercial area, which looks really good at night. Then it’s a strange area wedged between MOTAT and the zoo and the North Western motorway. Next it crosses under the motorway, and enters the suburb my AA Street Directory lists as “Waterview”. Next it works through Avondale. The next suburb is New Lynn where it passes Lynn Mall City. For all your bogan supplies. It goes on to the horrible suburb of Kelston, then onto Henderson where it stops in the heart of westie land. And so ends the Great North Road journey.

New North Road

Now onto New North Road. New North Road starts at the intersection of Symonds Street and Mt Eden Road. It goes down, then through a sort of concrete, uh, thing, then emerges in a light industrial area. Next it goes through really cool old buildings of Kingsland/Morningside. Then, keeping parallel with the railway line, it goes through Mt Albert. It finally ends when it intersects with Blockhouse Bay Road. However it should be noted that very close, connected only by St Judes Road, is Great North Road.

So which is the best?

Well, I think the answer is obvious. New North Road. Not only does New North Road have much cooler houses on it, but, unlike Great North Road, it doesn’t go to Henderson. Therefore, it is the best.

But, I hear you say, what about Great South Road? Whilst Great South Road is really long and straight and more South and the two Norths are North, it should be noted that it goes through some really horrible suburbs and ends up being a great big rural road. And the think that is what the Southern Motorway is for. Also, there’s no New South Road, so there’s another reason to not like it. And also, driving down Great South Road takes you that much closer to Hamilton, which is something to be avoided.

So if, in the near future, you find yourself wanting to go somewhere from the city to a sort of north-westerly direction, take New North Road. It rules.

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