Horse Island

Welcome to magical Horse Island! Horse Island is a very special island for people who love horses!


Horse Island was started as a sanctuary for horses and ponies and the people who love them!

horseprrIts occupants are Horse Princesses, tall, slender girls with long blonde hair that flows in the wind as they ride their horse down the beach at sunset, or in meadows filled with daisies. Who needs boys when you have a beautiful horse! The Princesses ride beautiful mares called Storm, Thunder, and Stormy Thunder.

horsejockThe other occupants are jockeys, short men, who, in another lifetime, would have found employment as an actor playing Munchkins and Oompa Loompas. To prevent unnecessary weight being added to horses, jockeys do not, as such, eat, but maybe known to have a few grains of rice from time to time, or maybe a sunflower seed.

In Horse Island, the Horse Princesses and the Jockeys are free to ride horses all day long. They can spend as long as they want with their horses without others suggesting that they are freaks who needs to get a life.

Everyone can be happy and free! Happy and free! Free and happy!

Let’s sing the Horse Island national anthem!

I like horses.
I like to ride them.
Horses are the most beautiful animals in the world.
My horse is called Golden Thunder.
He is a chestnut coloured mare.
I live on Horse Island with Golden Thunder.
I ride horses.
On Horse Island.
I live with my horse.
On Horse Island.

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