Other animals that humans enjoy eating

bullBull Bovine flesh is rather popular and indeed features thrice on this chart. The bull is a large animal and likes eating grass.

calfCalf Another member of the bovine family, the calf is a small cow and it too likes eating grass, but starts off drinking milk, not unlike humans.

chickenChicken The chicken is a small winged creature which emits a delightful squawk. It lays eggs, which humans also eat, but the chicken itself eats grains.

cowCow A cow not only provides meat like a bull and calf does, but also provides milk which although is intended for her offspring, can be consumed by a human.

crabCrab Crustaceans such as the crab provide tasty flesh behind a seemingly impenetrable hard shell.

deerDeer The flesh of the majestic looking deer can be cut up and cooked, however it is not a common meat.

fishFish Various fishes of seas, rivers and lakes provide meat that is white in colour and rather flavoursome.

lambLamb A lamb is a small sheep, that has been prevented from being a sheep so people can enjoy its tasty flesh.

pigPig Many different types of meat can be extracted from the pig. Pork, ham and bacon are among the tasty cuts that a pig yields.

sheepSheep Provider of not only meat, but the thick wool on its back. However, most people will agree that they’d rather eat sheep meat than wool!

shellShellfish Another tasty gift from the sea. Plying open the shell reveals soft flesh which can be enjoyed after lightly cooking, or in some cases can be eaten raw.

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