r u m or f ???

I’m pissed off with guys on IRC.

For ages I had avoided the supposed joys of IRC simply because I couldn’t come up with a nick that I didn’t hate. Then one night I came up with “Rosia”. In some languages it means “Russia”, but it was meaningless to me when I thought it up. Don’t ask to me pronounce it.

So I joined IRC using undernet and everything was fine, that is until the messages started. A query box pops up with “hi” in it. So I respond with “Hi” back. Then the guy responds with ” r u m or f”. If I was The Artist Formerly Known as Prince, I might be impressed by people who use letters and numbers for words, but I’m not. I like the English language, and I like words. I like capital letters too.

So anyway, the “conversation” continues and the questions from him continue: “how old r u?”, “what do u look like?”, “what are your measurements?”. I’m supposed to answer stuff like “I’m 18, tall, slim, long blonde hair, 36, 24, 36”. But that’s not real. I don’t own a tape measure so I wouldn’t have a clue what my “measurements” are. It’s not like I have an actual daily need to know my waist measurement.

It seems that the average net-sex guy needs to hear that I’m a gorgeous 18 year old babe, even though I’m not. He doesn’t seem to be too interested in anything other than what I physically look like. I mean, I could be a serial killer or a rocket scientist, but all he’d care is if I had big boobs.

I’ve thought about changing my nick to something gender neutral, but I’m not sure I want to do that. I want things to be different. I want to be able to go on IRC without guys assuming that just because my nick is vaguely female, that I’m a hot wet horny babe.

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