golfThe days when svelte black-clad women and elegant men met at a cocktail party to exchange notes on the poetry of T. S. Eliot or deprecate the passing of Third Avenue El seem to be over. For now when the gentleman sidles over to the female sophisticate, his opening gambit will like as not be an inquiry into the condition of her pre-amp.

This change in conversational material is not limited to chatter over the canapes. Among the blue-jeaned youngsters, hi-fi publications have superseded Popular Mechanics and the Girl Scout Handbook and we hear they are thinking of revising McGuftey’s Reader so that the very youngest set will not be ill-prepared to meet the challenge of stereo living.

A new language of words has arisen for the conversationalist and a new language of sounds for the listener. These new sounds are inside this album.

In fact, no double-woofer household can be complete without this disc. Maybe that’s immodest, but where else can you hear a human clock swinging in three dimensions? Or stereophonic bagpipes, doors or cats, for that matter?

Thanks to Dr. Ahkbar (Bob and Ray’s non-existent research scientist), the stereo medium is subjected to mad delvings and probings far beyond the wildest dreams of the early copywriters. Stereo experiments never before attempted are brilliantly executed by the crazed genius in his tower. Never before attempted . . . and let’s hope, never again.

And if you’re the kind that resists all this technical stuff, there’s always Abbe Lane in three dimensions!

Here are ten top performances by top RCA artists at their stereophonic best. All selections are complete and unexpurgated.

– From the LP back cover of Bob and Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular by Bob and Ray. 1958, RCA records.

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