Sun Outage

I saw this unusual message on my ISP’s technical updates web page:

Sun outages affecting satellites

We are currently experiencing sun outages at approximately 12:50pm daily as the sun tracks across the sky and ends up directly behind our satellite.

So let’s get this straight. It’s not the satellite that is experiencing outages caused by the sun, but it’s the sun that’s having the outages.

Well, then I think someone ought to get hold of the sun’s bandwidth provider and let them know that they are not very happy with the poor level of service that this “sun” is offering.

It’s also interesting to note that the sun is observed as travelling across the sky. Just like that ancient Polynesian legend about Maui and his brothers beating the sun up so it’d slow down when it travelled across the sky.

I think Maui should be contracted as a solution provider to do some consultancy work in getting the sun to stop messing up the satellite.

Word needs to get around that poor customer service will not be tolerated from celestial bodies. If they can not measure up, then another sun provider will be used.

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