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Postscript: Back when I wrote this in 1999, my website was handcoded, as were all the websites of my interweb friends.

So it came that people would hide semi-secret messages in comment tags amongst the HTML. The message was invisible in the web browse, but would show up when the webpage source was viewed.

No one really advertised when they’d done a hidden message, but those in the know knew to check the source for the telltale that hide the messages.

At the time I was working as an HTML editor, so I spent much of the day staring at HTML. So I thought, why not write an entire piece in a comment tag? So that’s what this is all about.

Does it even work with newfangled blog software? We’ll see.

and it doesn’t matter.

And of course this is a sign that I use a text-based
HTML editor. Whilst I am fully capable of typing out a
page in HTML entirely by hand in Notepad, I don’t
because it bloody well takes too long.

I use Homesite, because it speeds things up, but leaves
me in control. Fast and in control. Yeah.

This is a bit like the alt text page. It’s really just
playing with the novelty of a new thing, but I’m making
an effort to actually have some decent text rather than
just rambley shit.

Oh hey, my Fridge Magnet theory.

You know those fridge magnets that have a little
saying, or piece of advice or whatever on them, that is
presented in an artistic way? There are lots of web
pages like that.

Done by people with lots of visual ideas, but who don’t
actually have anything to say. I call them fridge
magnet sites.

Because the T in HTML stands for text. Short attention
span people might like pretty sites, but I get off on
written stuff. Words that mean things.

I’ve said it before: You do not fuck with the English

That’s enough.—>

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