Zen Lesson

One day a man was walking in the woods when he saw a sign that said “Hey! It’s fun to be a prostitute!”. He knew in heart that this was not true because his Zen Master had taught him so.

Standing by the sign was what looked like a lovely lady, but when the man got closer he saw that it was in fact his Zen Master in drag.

“Master,” the man exclaimed, “what are you doing here?” “Hello darling,” his Zen Master replied. “Looking for some hot dick action?”

Comments on this Zen lesson:

“I think it shows that the Zen master needs hot dick action even thought he says that it is bad. I think.”

“The sign could be like a metaphor for innocence and wisdom and it means that the student loses his innocence and gains wisdom, whilst the Zen master gains innocence and loses wisdom. Hey, that’s pretty cool”

“When choosing a Zen master, don’t pick the cheapest one.”

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