Pot-Smoking Devil Woman

I was reading the entertainment supplement in the paper at lunch the other day when I came across the following quote. It was by Tiffani-Amber Thiessen on how she is not at all like Valerie Malone, the character she plays on “Beverly Hills 90210”:

“I’m laidback. I’m not uptight. I’m not evil. And I won’t smoke a lot of pot and sleep with your boyfriend.”

This presents the opportunity to discuss a number of angles, such as:

1. How casual use of marijuana is becoming increasingly popular in recent films and television shows.

2. If Valerie is such a pot-smokin’ gal, why is she so uptight? (Because they can’t glamorise cocaine on TV? Or because some chick who spends all day in her pyjamas watching old Rob Lowe movies on cable isn’t sexy?)


3. Uh-oh. Tiffani-Amber’s afraid of being typecast!

Let’s go for number three.

I’m guessing she was getting offers for roles such as “Voluptuous Pot-Smokin’ Vixen”, “Sexy Reefer Girl” and “Mary Jane the Devil Woman”. Eager to cast off this notion of her, she made that statement so people will know that she is not at all like Valerie Malone.

So when Tiffani-Amber played Kelly Kapowski in her pre-90210 show “Saved by the Bell”, did she have to make a similar statement to save her from similar roles? A statement like:

“I’m mature. I’m not a little big-haired high school girl. I can be mean. And I can be a vixen and do other stuff like maybe smoke a cigarette.”

I’m off to smoke some pot and sleep with your boyfriend, but we shall leave the last word to Ms Thiessen, culled from a “Saved By The Bell” fan site:

Would Tiffani, a native of Long Beach, California, ever want to play a mean-spirited person? “That would be hard — really acting,” she reflects.”

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