Something to file under Pre-Millennial Madness…

I was at work one afternoon, finishing up for the day, when I heard ICQ’s familiar “uh-oh” and found this message waiting for me:

I wonder if you would be interested ina gorwn man who believes in female superiority and girls power and would like to practice his believes by serving a young sophisticated strong personality Lady who will own him as a slave and treat him as such where he is inferioir to her, would that interest u

Oh yes. Yes, it would very much interest me. In the same way that “When Animals Attack” interests a great proportion of the population.

My immediate impulse was to fire off an angry email like, “You stupid dick arse wanker sad sad sad man. Piss off and go and play with your mother because she’s the only female who will ever like you.”

Then I thought about it and realised that that sort of thing would probably turn him on.

His vocabulary (not to mention his spelling) gave too much away. He refers to himself as a man, but his sought-after companion is referred to as a female, girl and lady – but never a woman.

So I fell back on one of my favourite insults. I replied:

Leave me alone, you patriarchal oppressor.

Then I put him on my ignore list.

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