I don’t have a lot of personal information on my web site. I’ve never felt the need for a bio page about me. There are certain pages on my site that have various bits of information about me, but nowhere is there a page with handy facts about moi.

I like it like that. It makes me seem more mysterious and exotic, y’know?

But that’s not the case with everyone on the web. So many personal web sites I come across have pages that detail the basics of the author’s life. Education, hobbies, likes and dislikes. It’s a cross between a badly written resume and those friendship books that were popular at school.

As loathe as I am to use this phrase, it so often is case of too much information. I don’t care that Shihad is totally your favourite band. I don’t care that on Thursday night you were really bummed out. As a wise rap artist once said, “keep it in your pants” – and off the web.

So why do people do this? Why do they reveal these personal, yet often mundane details of their life? What is it that possesses someone to upload the fact that on Saturday night he was listening to Mariah Carey & Westlife – Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now).mp3?

First, a semi-famous quote. It’s from the 1999 documentary “Home Page” which is about various people who put their life up on web. This is what Carl Steadman (semi-famous for, among other things, co-founding, but you knew that, right?) said about why people put so much of their lives up on the web:

“Everyone’s looking for their Bobo. Bobo is that person that makes it all okay, and that’s what home pages are about. You’re looking for Bobo. It’s hard to say who Bobo is, or what Bobo is, or how exactly you’ll find Bobo. But maybe if you put up enough about yourself on the web, Bobo will find you.”

So the idea is that if you admit to listening to that Mariah Carey song, maybe someone will stumble across your web site, read that, see your picture (thoughtfully located at the top of every single page on the site), and think to herself, “Hey, that sounds like my kind of guy.” Then she’ll email you and you can meet up and if you’re really lucky she might show you her tits.

My web site has no bio section. I’m not going to tell you what my likes and dislikes are. You can try and figure out stuff about me from my writings, but the thing is, some stuff is so old that I don’t necessarily agree with what I’ve written anymore. Tricky, but I like it that way.

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