Web Designer

I left my old job as a producer on a portal and when people find out that I’m only semi-employed at the moment they keep telling me that someone as skilled as I am should have no trouble finding work doing web design.

People think I’m a web designer. Sometimes it’s people I’ve only just met, other times it’s friends or family members. People like this are not paying attention.

I am not a web designer. I have never been employed as a web designer, unless you count when I did my Dad’s work web page back in 1996 which he paid me $50 for.

Yes, I did the design for my own site, but I pretty much copied it off another person’s web site. I didn’t go so far as stealing the HTML, but I didn’t come up with the idea of the design on my own. Before that I copied off mid-’90s Suck.com.

People have told me that I would be a better web designer than a lot of the people out there who make web pages for a living. Ok, that’s probably true, but I’d probably also be a better checkout girl, or call-centre worker or accounts receivable clerk than some of the people who hold those jobs. I’m not about to drop everything and jump behind a cash register just because I’d better than someone else at doing it.

The same goes for web design. I could do it professionally, and I wouldn’t be terrible at it, but I wouldn’t be great at it either. At my old job I worked with web designers. Most of them were really good and could come up with truly excellent designs, even with the most minimal of badly-written briefs. I can’t do that. And to add to it all, web design is hard work for me and I don’t really like it all that much.

I’m not about to enter an occupation in which I would perform to a mediocre standard, and not even enjoy doing what I was doing.

You want to know what I’m good at, what I really like? You’re looking right at it.

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