I realised that I hadn’t done any Christmas shopping so I jumped in my bitchmobile and journeyed over to the Glenfield Mall. I was supposed to get the “Buena Vista Social Club” on video for my dad but instead I got it on DVD.

I managed to find it hidden away in the DVD section of some shop. It’s all such a blur that I can’t even remember what shop it was. I guess I should mention that my parents don’t actually have a DVD player but:

a) DVDs players just get cheaper and cheaper
b) They can bloody well afford one
c) Who buys video cassettes anymore?
d) Better sooner than later, y’know.

I was feeling disgusted with the whole situation, so when I bought the DVD I also grabbed the new System of a Down CD for myself. It’s at times like this that I wish those dorky non-gift vouchers (“FREE HUGS!!!”) were actually a legitimate gift option and would not result in me being ostracised by my whanau.

So I was still looking for this damn CD for my mum. I went to St Lukes, and that was a big mistake. I got there just after 9 pm (the normal closing time), but because it was open till midnight the place was packed. It was so horrible. It was just full of whinging, complaining, hot, sweaty family groups.

“What should we get for Brian?”
“Well he’s your brother.”

There was this very boring looking couple who became separated on the escalator and panicked at being about a metre apart. As soon as they reached the bottom, the man’s hand took its rightful place in the back pocket of the woman’s high-waisted jeans with a stripy t-shirt tucked into them.

I found a The Specials CD for $10, which kind of compensated for the masses.

But I’ve still got one item left. I think I might have to drag myself along to The Warehouse and trawl through the classical music bins. Dammit, why can’t my parents be into Ja Rule or Blindspott. It would make things so much easier.

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