To Helensville and back

I went hooning today with Mike. It was r00l choice!!!!

He gave me a present: The Maxi Tools Powermatic Tool with Realistic Movements. This comprises of the following pieces of plastic fun:

  • A saw – but with little wheels instead of teeth.
  • A hammer – it rattles when you bang it.
  • [One of those bolt tightening things where you turn in one way and it tighten the bolt, but when you turn it the other way the bolt stays in the same place] – it makes a clicking noise when turned.
  • Pliers – and they seem the least toy-like and most practical
  • A spanner – it’s one of those adjustable ones
  • A, um, piece of wood type thing with three bolts and three nuuuuutz -deeez nuuuutz
  • A really big phat nail – yeah, one of those.

Like the name says, they do have realistic movement. God knows what I’m going to do with them all. It’s too late to donate them to a needy children’s toy fund.

Actually, isn’t it getting near the time where a poor family has their home broken into and all their Christmas presents stolen (but the TV and VCR left alone), then they appear in the papers, on TV, “Our Christmas has been ruined!” etc, photos of sad-eyed kiddies, etc, etc, etc, and then some kind business donates a shitload of free (but crappy) toys and Christmas isn’t ruined.

Oh yeah, so Mike and I went out to Helensville and we got there and it was like “Woo! Helensville!” And we went to the Woolworths to buy some lunch except that all the food in the entire store was crap. I bought some potato salad (no free spoons, what kind of supermarket doesn’t give out free spoons to deli purchases?), a muffin, some ginger beer and some penguins. Mike got some bacon and sour cream flavoured chips and some honey mustard dip.

Ok, the potato salad was horrible, the muffin was even worse. I just had some of Mike’s chips and dip and the ginger beer and penguins. But most importantly, the checkout lady was crazy and Mike called her a cunt. I don’t think we will be welcome back there ever ever again.

Do you know I want for Christmas? I want that guy from that band, ok?

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