Vingt Huit

1. This is the first time I’ve not actively promoted my birthday on my web site. In the past I’ve had posts and always did a couple of email reminders. This usually resulted in a few emails. This year I didn’t do that. It wasn’t like I was feeling old or ashamed of turning 28, but just that I kind of forgot about it.

2. ICQ:
D: Big day tomorrow!
R: What’s happening tomorrow?
D: It your birthday isn’t it, or is it today?
R: It’s today, you fool!
D: Oh, sorry! I forget, it’s 2 days before xmas on the 23rd, or three days before on the 22nd.. 🙂

3. Present run-down.
– One card redeemable at the Newton Post Office for the package sent from my parents that didn’t fit in my post office box. It seems that New Zealand Post can deliver mail on a Saturday, but can’t have any staff working there to get my package.
– Nuts. Yes, I got nuts. My new favourite guitarist from my new favourite band and all-round choice guy gave me some nuts. Actually, I had to get him a packet of Marlboros and some Coke in exchange for the nuts, but it was definitely one of the better presents I’ve received. I even got a souvenir photo!
– $20 gift voucher from Borders. This was teh flatmate’s cheating present. Borders have been giving a $10 voucher with every $100 spent, so after a massive DVD and Christmas presents spend-up, he had two $10 vouchers and now they are mine, all mine! Cheap-arse bastard.
– Um, yeah, that’s about it.

4: About three weeks ago I stopped consuming stuff with caffeine in it. I bought a packet of Panadeine and went through all the headachy withdrawal. I got through that in a couple of days, but have spent the last three weeks feeling tired and cranky. Today I had a cup of coffee and hey, it’s nice to be back.

5. Isn’t “Thug Lovin'” by Ja Rule and Bobby Brown just the coolest song ever? I mean, I thought “Down Ass Bitch” was pretty cool, but “Thug Lovin'” is the shit. What’s going on? I mean, I used to hate Ja Rule so much. (I almost wrote “Jan Rule”. Yeah, I’d like to see an artist with that name).

6. I saw “Baise Moi” ALONE, ON MY BIRTHDAY. This might seem a tad pathetic, but it is not as pathetic as the time I saw that piece of crap that masqueraded as a romantic comedy, “Serendipity” starring John “Should Have Known Better” Cusack, ALONE, ON VALENTINE’S DAY. Anyway, the novelty of “Baise Moi” was seeing full-on sex scene (penetration shots, etc) up on the screen at my local multiplex. I guess it’s like how “Deep Throat” was the acceptable porno to see back in the ’70s. The plot: two women are dicked over by various people, they each kill someone then end up randomly meeting and travel around France having sex with guys and/or killing them. It’s the kind of movie where men in the audience unconsciously cross their legs and protectively place their hands near their nether regions. But then, it’s also the kind of movie where men in the audience shift from side to side and pull their shirts down over the top of their pants.

7. Ok, cheers, that’s about it. Damn, too much caffeine. Now I’m never going to be able to get to sleep.

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