Rhymes with trouble

I was at a party, at my friend’s sister’s place. There were people who’d been at high school with me, their parents and their kids. Someone put on that Elvis CD, then some Rolling Stones. Then Spider Bait was played.

At midnight I sent text message to everyone. Yes, please, pass the Courvoisier.

After about three hours sleep I realised that I was not going to get a good night’s sleep so I jumped in my car and drove to Mount Maunganui. It was hot and sunny. I mean, it was hot and it was sunny. Since when is there really excellent tropical weather in New Zealand?

I walked around the base of the Mount (lovely views of Tauranga Harbour, Matakana Island, THE PACIFIC OCEAN), then along the beach (lovely views of hot guys, thank you very much), then out along that rocky bit of land that juts out. I remember when I was a wee girl – like more than 20 years ago – there used to be a mini marine park built there. There were tanks with fish and stuff in them. Now all that’s gone. There’s just a very flat area.

I realised that I’d only had a bottle of Diet Coke to drink and nothing to eat, so I hauled myself over to the shops and had a sandwich. Yes, one of those.

I caught the ferry over to Tauranga, but most of the shops were shut. I had 90 minutes to spend meandering around the few chain stores that were open.

By then I was getting tired, so once I was back at the Mount I drove back to Raggiz.

It was a good day. I got a little sunburnt, though given how pale I am, that’s not hard to do.

Happy new year. In 2003 I will strive towards imperfection.

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