Super bonus deluxe

I want to explore historic Northland. But do I do it now – with no money – or wait until I get a job, save up and do it with a bit of comfort?

I think I should get a job. Being unemployed isn’t boring – I can always find plenty o’ stuff to do. I guess it’s more that I’d like to have a big interesting project with other people to work on.

There’s an art exhibit (not Xzibit) at the Raglan town hall. A bunch of local artists have stuff on show. There’s some good stuff there. One person has a lot of interesting block things (you know, block things). Out in a side room was some stuff that looks like knock-offs of the sort of things that homeware shops sell, Like, a drawing of a tomato with a recipe for salsa scribbled on top, and those little girl pictures with stuff like “DIVA” written on them. So I’m going to go back tomorrow and see if I can convince teh parentals to buy something for me.

I need a haircut. Oh, hey, I’m going to tell my haircut story:

Ok, I met this guy at a party. He was a hairdresser so the next time I needed a haircut I went to see him. He gave me a really good haircut, and was really good to talk to during the whole process. The next few times were just as good. Then I got some foils done. He ran out of the right shade of blonde, so he used some other stuff. I ended up with some really skanky white blonde bits in with the rest. My haircut wasn’t all that good that time either. The next time I got it cut and coloured didn’t improve anything. It was cut long at the back and layered way too much on top, so all the weaker, coloured hair fluffed up and the non-coloured stuff underneath went down. The foils weren’t done so well. I left the salon looking like I had six weeks of regrowth. Not only that, but I’d be at the supermarket and see women in their 40s with the same kind of hair. So one night I got so sick of it that I went to Grey Lynn Foodtown and bought some $11.95 dye, dyed my at (at 1.00 am), then chopped off the hair at the back and it looks so much better than it did after having it professionally cut. Ok, cool.

When I was in Tauranga I bought this really cool lipstick. It’s a shiny pink. The secret of looking good with make-up (for me, at least) is to not wear too much. Serious, I look like a drag queen when I wear too much make-up. I think only incredibly amazingly attractive women can get away with wearing shitloads of make-up. For everyone else it doesn’t enhance, it skankifies.

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