I went to the Harvey Norman store in Hammo. It’s right on the edge of town – so much so that it was possible to drive there from Raglan without appearing to actually enter an urban area.

I got a stereo. It’s an end-of-the-line Aiwa – the sort of thing that was cool before wood and silver metal came back in fashion. Very 1996, y’know. But it was really cheap and Aiwa make good stereos and it’ll mean that I can listen to music without having to use headphones (Walkman or computer).

On the way out there Dad asked me if I had plans to get a job this year. Like me spending the last year being unemployed was a deliberate lifestyle choice. I guess the one thing that’s keeping me from being an extremely active job seeker is the fact that my CV sucks. The CV guy who did one for me at the beginning of the year did a really sloppy job and every time I try to make a good CV usually results in me being disgusted with myself. Working is easy – getting a job is the hard part. Argh.

On the other hand, I think I’d make an excellent housewife.

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