Dirty river

I don’t know what genre the musical artist known as DJ Sammy falls into, but I have a suspicion that it might be “shithouse”. First there was the shithouse techno-pop version of “Heaven”, then there was the shithouse techno version of “Boys of Summer”. It’s not so much that such songs have been recorded, but that radio stations are playing them and people are listening to them and are saying “OMG! I love this song! Turn it up!”

I set up my new-old stereo today. This involved going and getting all the CDs off my small bookcase in my flatmate’s room, then hauling the bookcase out into the lounge. There’s a whole lot of dust inside the tape decks – the heads were covered in it. I think when my parents had the sparkly shit scraped off the ceiling, the stereo wasn’t covered up. The CD tray was also covered with dust. They don’t play much music. The first thing my mum does when she gets in my dad’s car is to turn off the stereo. Shit, I don’t think I could drive without music.

Ok, so in current rotation is the following:

Dr Dre – The Chronic
E.S.L. – Issue 0
Sleater-Kinney – One Beat
System of a Down – Toxicity
Justin Timberlake – Justified

OMG! How eclectic!

I went to the King’s Arse tonight. This dude I used to work with was in town and had organised a get-together with his old posse. It was really fun, lots of beer.

One of the people there had some cigarette papers made from hemp. Ok, cool. So she passed them to a dude down the other end of the table who was rolling. Then he started smoking and I thought “oh hey, those hemp papers smell like pot!”. It wasn’t until he started passing around the, uh, cigarette that I realised it wasn’t the paper that smelt like that. Robyn says no to drugs.

I have the New Kids on the Block “Hanging Tough” record. I think I bought it when I was 20 as an “ironic” joke purchase. Urgh, how lame. But anyway, on the back it says:


What? How does that work?

Fan: “Hey, Donnie! What’s up, bro?”
Donnie: “NO TO DRUGS”
Fan: “Uh, ok. Hey, keep hanging tough, man!”
Donnie: “PEACE”


Groupie: “Oh, Jordan. You’re my favourite New Kid.”
Jordan: “PEACE”
Groupie: “Guess what? I’m not wearing any underwear.”
Jordan: “NO TO DRUGS”

Nsync were involved in an anti-drugs campaign. But instead of just blindly telling people to say no, they offered an alternative. The idea is that you have an “anti-drug” activity. So that instead of doing drugs, you do something else that you like doing. It’s not perfect, and it’s not going to stop people from getting fucked up on drugs, but it does recognise that people don’t take drugs for no reason.

(Getting drunk is my anti-drug!)

Hey, what are 28-year-olds supposed to do? It’s like being 14, but instead of being stuck between child and young adult, I’m stuck between young adult and mature adult.

On Jane Yee’s site she once wrote about (something like) how you’re not really an adult until you buy a dining suite. It’s totally true. A dining suite can’t be transported in the back of your car. You need to have settled down in one place, i.e. bought a house. And it has to be a place big enough to have a dining room. And you have to have the need to have one, like you’ll be throwing dinner parties or you want a nice place to sit down and eat with your boyfriend.

I’ve never had a table, let alone a dining suite. I eat on my couch or I eat out. I don’t think there’d be enough room to have a table and chairs in my flat, anyway.

I’m in almost the same situation I was in ten years ago. The only difference is I’m smarter.

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