Empty beer bottle a go-go

Ok, let’s see if I can be coherent this early in the mornin’.

Movie 1: Frida
I liked how Frida didn’t mind if her husband was unfaithful to her – she just wanted him to be loyal. I always thought Frida Kahlo was a bit egotistical because most of her paintings were self-portraits.

There was an exhibition of her work in Wellington a few years ago. I think it was called “Viva La Vida”. It’s disappointing when stuff comes to New Zealand but only gets shown at one gallery.

I liked all the little arty montage bits. I think this can be attributed to Julie Taymor’s artistic, theatrical background. Also, it seemed that a lot of really small roles in the film were played by established actors. Like, Didi Conn had a tiny role as a waitress in a diner – only on screen for seconds.

Movie 2: Die Another Day
Let us discuss Madonna’s lower eyelids. I’ve seen candid photos of Madonna and she has – like most of us do – lower eyelids. In “Die Another Day” she doesn’t appear to have any. Her eyelashes seem to just blend into her cheeks. It’s almost as if someone has gone through her scene frame by frame and blurred the area beneath her eyes to give her a non old hag look.

Also, how about the Maori henchman, eh? I was discussing him with Dylzno – just how exactly does one become a henchman? This is my theory. The dude goes to London to do his big OE. He ends up getting a job as a bouncer at a pub, maybe ends up at an exclusive nightclub type place. One night he attracts the attention of an evil genius who’s stopped off there with his entourage. The evil genius likes the look of the dude and asks him to be his henchman. There is obviously now the need for there to be NZQA approved training courses for henchmen.

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