Rain, rain and rain.

R: Halle Berry makes me want to buy Revlon lipstick.
D: Halle Berry makes me want to root her.

Dirty, filthy, etc.

It’s raining. My old umbrella broke, so a couple of days ago I bought a new one. That’s the pain-in-the-arse thing about living in Auckland. It rains and rains and rains. I always carry my collapsable umbrella with me because Auckland is so rainy. I want to walk into town, but I can’t because it just keeps raining. So I got the bus instead.

I saw the motion picture “Catch Me If You Can”:
– I’m glad Leonardo DiCaprio went away for a while. Post-Titanic things were getting crazy. I never had a thing for him – he was too blonde, too pretty.
– There was a really cool guy ahead of me in line at the coffee place. We exchanged glances when the guy serving us was yelling at a co-worker.
– People who are high should not see films in the middle of the day.
– Tom Hank’s character was wearing those 1960s scientist glasses, then at the end of the film it was the ’70s, so he’d moved onto the steel frame ones. The last time I was at my optometrist I tried on a pair of steel frame glasses as an ironic post-modern joke. They never look good on anyone. The only exception might possibly be that girl-boy in Le Tigre.
– When I see movie houses decorated in perfect 1960s fashion, it always seems too perfect. Where are the dents and scrapes?
– I like how Steven Spielberg gets to make smaller films like this that don’t attract as much attention as his bigger ones. I always feel dirty after I see a Steven Spielberg film.

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