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I was going to do a top ten list of my favourite movies of 2002, but after I thought about the films I liked, I realised that a) I couldn’t come up with ten and b) the ones I did like were the same as the ones showing up on other people’s top ten lists.

I will list two of my absolute favourites, though.

* Dogtown and Z Boys
* 24 Hour Party People

I’d write descriptions of them or reasons why I liked them both so much, but I haven’t yet worked out how to write movie reviews that don’t consist of shit like “I saw “24 Hour Party People”. It was nice. I liked it.”

But more importantly, OMFG, The Breeders are playing in Auckland in February! I’m so excited. The last time I saw them live was ten years ago at the first Big Day Out. Arrgh! I’m very excited!

I saw “Nine Queens” today. I have a problem with subtitled films. Not that I don’t like reading the subtitles, but that sometimes I get so caught up in the story that forget to read them. Because of this I missed out on one small detail that made me be like “huh?” at the end. The “OMG! The scam was a scam!” ending didn’t surprise me. I’ve seen “House of Games”. I know what the Mametian* universe is like. For a scam film “Nine Queens” was ok. I enjoyed it and once I figured out how it had all worked out, I was pleased. But “House of Games” is better. The scam is richer, more satisfying and has far more diabolical layers. As far as dirty double crossing con job movies go, I also like “Wild Things” because it’s absurdly funny and is all about swamps and sex.

I saw St Lucy play at the Temple tonight. It was a good show. I should see him play more, because he writes good songs, performs them and is the master of witty banter (“Nah, I didn’t actually write that one after September 11”). Backstreet Boys t-shirts and the beginnings of a mullet. I bought his new CD, Once I’ve listened to that I’ll write something about it here. Well, that’s the plan, anyway.

Oh, as I was sitting there I saw three of The D4 trickle in. There was the guy with the sideburns, the guy with the Ramones hair and the guy who looks like someone’s dad. Actually, the fourth D4 – the drummer – may have been there. I can’t think what he looks like.

* Mametian = of or relating to David Mamet. I just made that word up, ok?

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