Dylzno’s parents went away for the weekend and told him to have a party. This sort of thing never happens in funny rap songs, but occasionally happens in sitcoms. But having only a few day’s notice to organise anything, the only people who could make it were me and Ryan.

No keg, no trashing, no cheerleaders. Just a barbecue and Ryan shaved his hair off. Now that’s wild.

Later things got even more wild and we went into Borders. Ryan knew a girl who was working there and was talking to her. Dylan mentioned the time when someone dropped a Malteaser off one of the balconies and it hit me on the head and I complained to the dude on the information desk (“I was standing over there and this hit me on the head and I’m really fucked off!” followed by instant regret at using a curse word.). Ryan’s friend said on her first day they’d warned her about all the stuff that gets thrown off the balconies and ends up falling down into Borders basement. There was a story about some person who’d been hit on the head with a Malteaser and went to a doctor. So either my incident was embellished, or there was some other person who was hit by a Malteaser. Perhaps there is a serial Malteaser thrower? Well, being hit with a Malteaser hurt, but it’s better than having a glob of spit hit you.

But really, when the architects of the Village Force Entertainment Centre/IMAX Centre/Sky City Metro/Whatever the hell it’s called this week, were designing the building, they knew that movie theatres and a spacies parlours were going to be in certain places. They knew that people were going to be hanging around. They knew (surely) that people would throw stuff off the balconies. I mean, throwing stuff off balconies is fun, but did such an ideal place for throwing stuff have to be architecturally designed? It’s a cool building, anyway.

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