A Salt

A couple of days ago when I sent out the notify email about the latest update to my web site, I mentioned that I had a LiveJournal, but I didn’t give the URL. I’m please to see that two of my Secret Passengers (cool name, huh?) have found it and added me to their Friends lists, and I suspect there may be a few others who’ve found there way there. Kia ora.

Oh hey, Big Day Out is on Friday! How exciting. Apparently the weather forecast is for fine weather. It rained last year, and while it can be kind of fun when it rains (the steam rising from the mosh pit during The Prodigy was spectacular), it’d be nice to experience a fine, sunny BDO, just like they do in Australia. Just so long as I don’t throw up like I did last year.

I don’t have a posse planned to go along with this year, but I know various people who are going, so I might meet up. Actually, I like the idea of doing my own thing, of going to see whatever bands I want to see, when I want to see them. No excursions to the techno tent where I stand at the edge of the crowd wishing I was on the other side, watching whatever cool rock band was ripping shit up.

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