Big Days Out

I bought my Big Day Out ticket today. It got me thinking about the very first BDO in New Zealand. I thought it was ’93, but after consulting my diaries, it turns out that it was indeed ’94. I was 19 at the time and these were my impressions of the day:

Saturday, 5 February 1994

It ruled extremely. I woke up early and went to Renee’s. We went to Auckland. The motel sux, the guy who runs it is a cunt. I had to pay a $20 deposit. Fuck you. BDO ruled. The Headless Chickens, Head Like A Hole, Smashing Pumpkins and 3Ds ruled. The HLAH guitarist came on stage naked. We all saw his dick. Brave man. Smashing Pumpkins were awesome. The sound was really good. They ruled they ruled they ruled. Soundgarden didn’t play “Outshined”. I think they’re probably sick of it. SPs should have plays “Rhinosauros” I had 2 smart drinks. I don’t feel any different. It made me feel strange. There was HEAPS of dak. I even saw a guy roll a joint. I didn’t see anyone I knew. Renee saw Meredith her flatmate. My face is sunburnt in parts. I thought I was protected. Renee is bright red. It was such a good day. I bet I’ll go deaf when I’m old. My ears are ringing. I bought a SPs t-shirt. It’s about selling out. We all have. I don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow. Probably just go home. Renee’s nose ring is too big. It’s an earring stud. Should be a little one. My face is hot.

1. No mention of the Breeders. This is probably because I left after they played “Cannonball”. I still regret doing that.
2. So, the smart drinks didn’t make me feel any different, but made me feel strange? Wow, that was a really smart thing to write.
3. I called the motel owner a cunt only because that was my curse word du jour.
4. And how cool was I to comment on all the marijuana or “dak”. Why’d I call it dak? It’s such a fourth form word.
5. “Rhinosauros”. Ha ha ha!
6. I was wearing the Smashing Pumpkins t-shirt once and this guy came up to me and started talking about Jean Paul Sartre. I stopped wearing it after that.
7. Actually, how cool is it that of all the major bands that played at BDO that year, the Breeders are the only one that’s still together?
8. I can’t believe I got excited at seeing the HLAH guitarist’s dick, but then I was a teenage girl.
9. “It’s all about selling out. We all have.” What? No really; what?
10. I’m not nostalgic about it, though. Two stages? Boring. I’m grateful for the six stages (and, yeah, ok, and the techno tent) that BDO has now. I like the smaller bands, the hip-hop and the interesting stuff that I wouldn’t normally get to see.

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