I went into town to do a few things. In the back of my mind was the possibility that maybe I’d see one or more of the artists performing at Big Day Out. Then I was thinking about who I’d like to see. It’d be kind of cool to be walking along K Road and to look up and see PJ Harvey, but I decided the one person I’d really like to randomly run into would be Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age.

So I wandered around, visited Real Groovy (the alternative section was packed full of excited pseudo hipster emo kids), bought a couple of things that I needed for tomorrow and got the bus home. No rock star sightings.

But then what happens? I few minutes ago I got a text message from DRZA saying that he was talking to Josh Homme. I replied with instructions for him to tell Mr Homme that I love him and want him to lick me like he licks the guitar in the “No One Knows” video.

Follow up

* The meeting took place in Real Groovy
* Mr Homme was looking at records
* DRZA got him to sign his iPod with “PlAY” “JH”
* DRZA also told him that he had a friend who wanted him to lick her (or similar) and Mr Homme said something like that he didn’t want to get excited in public.

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