Punk arse

Sunburn means journeying out to the Village at Westgate because I can not possibly show my pink, peeling face around my area code. The central side posse must not see me like this.

I saw “Two Weeks Notice”. It was a really good romantic comedy. I am currently incapable of writing more on it because I am listening to “Mistadobalina” by Del Tha Funky Homosapien and that is currently using up the part of my brain that writes interesting movie reviews.

Ok, here’s a Big Day Out anecdote.
At the Converse stand members of the Deceptikonz were running a freestyle MCing showdown. This one guy was up against Mareko. He took to the mike and just started spouting a bunch of stuff like “yo, yo, westside in the house, yo, yo,”. (And I write this with the full knowledge that I could not do much better). So after taking a bit of this guy’s bad insults, Mareko took to the mike and came up with some really witty, funny and totally vicious retorts, all in time, and all in rhyme. The other guy tried to come back with something like “yo yo, I’ll pop a cap in yo’ ass”, but Mareko kept on with the brilliant insults, even picking on the guy’s t-shirt. I think I was the witness to a verbal murder.

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