Your own summer is ready when you are

I was at the dairy across the road and the normally straight path to the counter was instead an obstacle course due to the two drunk women stumbling about in their high heels and short skirts.

I’m not sure what the situation was. They both looked dressed up, and had obviously done their hair, and were both really drunk and were both attempting to purchase more booze.

One of them was wobbling over to the counter with a 12 Heinekens when she stopped and said to no one in particular, “shit, this isn’t gunna be enough. I should get some more, eh?”

The other one was trying to buy a packet of cigarettes and a bottle of wine. To do this, she had to empty out the contents of her handbag on the counter. She left her sunglasses case behind and I was like, “excuse me, hey, HEY! Is this yours?” It took her a while before she could work out what I’d said and that it was her case.

(Her sunglasses were those pornstar glasses with really light lenses and no frames, but you knew that, right?)

They both managed to buy some booze and left the store, walking off in different directions.

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