Blue skies

I saw two movies today.

1. “8 Mile”

Taryn Manning has the interesting distinction of having been in both the Britney movie (“Crossroads”) and the Eminem movie. “8 Mile” is everything that “Crossroads” was trying to be.

I saw it as Village Westgate because apparently it has the best sound, and indeed the movie did sound excellent. There’s a part where the Free World guys (the rival to Rabbit’s 31/3 posse) show up at the trailer park to give B. Rabbit some very un-funky beats. Their car has a loud stereo and it’s playing something with a loud, low ominous bassline that set the tone of the scene perfectly, without being cheesy.

The story wasn’t original, but it was subverted so it wasn’t packed full of cliches. Yeah, he meets a pretty girl who sort of becomes his girlfriend, but she sleeps with another guy, but that doesn’t make it the end of the world either.

Kim Basinger as Stephanie, Rabbit’s mom, was great. The movie could have been a great opportunity for Eminem to diss his mother, but while Stephanie was messed up, she also had good intentions and just wanted the best for her family, y’know.

The sex scene – OMG, was that perfect, or what? A friend of mine described it like this: “no fucking montage, no bullshit build-up, just quiet stamping factory sex.” Yeah, cos in the real world when people have really hot sex, instrumental songs don’t mysteriously start playing in the background.

The ending was very satisfying. In a lesser film there would have been a talent scout in the audience waving a contract, or a youth centre being saved from the evil developers. Instead all that mattered was winning the respect of a small club audience.

2. “The Hot Chick”

The movie page of the Herald was lying on the floor. There were two big ads sitting side-by-side. One was for the upcoming “Whale Rider”, the other for “The Hot Chick.” I realised that if I didn’t see “The Hot Chick” soon, there would be a point where I would actually pick seeing it over seeing “Whale Rider”, which seemed morally wrong.

So I saw “The Hot Chick” and it was really dumb and really silly, and had a bit too much of that thing that also happens in Adam Sandler films where something really violent happens and it’s meant to be funny, but I laughed. I laughed heartily. I feel so dirty.

Actually, going back to “Whale Rider”, I think the hype may have killed the film for me already. All these magazines and newspapers are doing massive features on it, just like with the “Lord of the Rings” sequel. It’s like “Whale Rider” is such a beautiful work of art movie, that everyone must go and see it, and if you don’t you’re a bad New Zealander. So therefore, I must rebel and not see it. I still haven’t seen the second “Lord of the Rings” movie yet.

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