Hot in hairr

Yesterday I went to the Herne Bay House Hair Event, one of the few regular Hero festival events that’s survived since the Hero parade stopped. The idea is this, you pay $35 and a hairdresser who has donated their time for the day will give you a haircut. The money raised from the day goes to Herne Bay House, which is a hospice for people with HIV/Aids. Oh, but the Hair Event is so much more than that.

I had reservations about going this year. I went in 2001 and ended up with a rude-arse hair cut (that people kept complimenting me on, but made me look like a boy). I was even rejected by one hair dresser because he claimed he was sick of cutting women’s hair and wanted to get his hands on a man.

This year but better, but the old Hair Event madness was still there. First there’s the Russian roulette involved with getting a hairdresser. When your number is called your over to the next available hairdresser. I actually saw a couple of hairdressers I knew, and I thought it would be cool to go to either of them. But there were also a few hairdressers who I didn’t want to have doing my hair. Like creepy old man hairdressers, or fresh out of the hair academy girls.

Fortunately fate smiled upon me and I got a really nice girl who listened to exactly what I said and gave me a really cool haircut. It’s also fun seeing the hairdressers trying to figure out which of the donated styling products they should use. “This says it will leave your hair feeling light and sexy.” “Rad!” My hairdresser used both curling and straightening stuff, but it turned out ok.

During the wait for a hairdressers, there was a DJ playing some house music (what else?), and entertainment was provided by Buffy and Bimbo, two delightful drag queens. At one stage one of them wandered outside and the other said, “Oh, don’t go outside! You’ll melt!”

There were three (real) chick singers doing a bunch of crap pop songs, but they finished. Later I watched in the reflection of my mirror as Buffy and Bimbo did a Dusty Springfield medley followed by an Abba medley.

Why can’t getting a haircut always be that fun?

After that I wandered up to Albert Park to see what was happening with the second Summer Series. There were heaps of people sitting around, but no one splashing gaily in the fountain, which was very disappointing.

Last year The Datsuns played at summer series – and they played early in the day. This year they didn’t play, but I saw people wearing Datsuns t-shirts and both males and females with Dolf D. Datsun haircuts.

I was feeling a bit bummed out (maaan) that I hadn’t seen anyone I knew, when I heard “Robyn!” and there was Zep. So I said hi, then wandered home safe with the knowledge than I can randomly wander around the Summer Series and see someone I know.

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