Hard ware

I don’t often go to hardware stores, but today I did because I needed to get some hooks and screws to assist with getting some wooden art block things mounted on the wall.

The first hassle was finding a hardware store. I know there’s one in the city, but it was getting late in the afternoon and I didn’t want to contend with city traffic. So I just got in my car and drove along the New North and ended up finding one in New Lynn.

I picked out some hooks and screws and a screwdriver of the right size. But then I was distracted. I saw some spongy pads for putting under chair legs to stop them scratching the floor. I realised that this is just what I needed for one of my chairs. Then I saw some cable tidy hooks and realised that this was exactly what I needed to help organise the tangle of cords trailing across my soon-to-be-scratch-free lounge floor. Then I came across some waterproof tape, which is exactly what I need to repair my ripped shower curtain. Oh, and then I got some screws to fasten a light onto the wall.

So I spent the rest of the afternoon screwing and sticking things, making my flat just that little extra bit nicer. But when I came to affix the hooks on my blocks, I couldn’t get the screws into the hard wood. Dammit, I’m going to have to buy a drill now.

Being out in New Lynn was interesting because that part of Auckland has restrictions on the sale of alcohol – it can only be bought from stores owned by a community trust, and profits go back into the community. There’s a referendum happening soon where residents are asked if they want to allow competition, i.e. buying booze from supermarkets. Supermarkets have big blue signs urging people to vote yes for choice, the community board has red signs urging a no vote to keep the money in the community.

I’ve heard radio ads from supermarkets with soundbites like “Oim a buzzy werking mum and oi don’t have toim to go to other shops.” Yes, so for the sake of all the working mothers who like to get drunk once the kids have gone to bed, vote yes.

Has modern life really got so hectic that people are massively inconvenienced by not being able to pick up a bottle of wine of a six pack of beer from their local supermarket? What did people used to do? They stocked up and they didn’t complain.

Actually, having a 24 hour supermarket nearby that sells beer and wine is quite cool. Not that I often buy booze from there, but I’ve been there at, like, 3.30 am on a Tuesday morning, and there’s been someone getting a six pack of Heineken.

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