The music guy

When I was in standard three this guy came to my school to teach us about music. Our teacher introduced him then he walked up to the blackboard and drew a squiggle up the top, stood in front of it and asked, “what am I?”

There was silence.

The nerd girl thought and made a suggestion. “A music instructor?”

“Well, yes, I am, but what else am I?”

Another student suggested, “a musician?”

The music guy was getting a little impatient.”Well yes, but what I’m trying to get at is, um, look at what I’ve written on the blackboard and where I’m standing. Can you work out what I am?”

One of the bad-ass boys up the back suggested, “a dork?” The classroom erupted in giggles. Our teacher told us to settle down.

The music guy sighed and said, “this symbol is called a rest. It’s used to written music to show a rest. So when I stand here I’m under a rest. Under arrest!” The class groaned.

The bad-ass boy had been completely correct. The music guy was a dork.

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