Stainless steel

Today I had to come up with five people I admire, and figure out why I admire them. I realised that while the five people I came up had admirable qualities, they also had equal parts that I didn’t admire. Yes, my heroes are arseholes.

One of the other people on the course listed a guy I went to school with as one of the people she admired. He was a cool, interested person back then and didn’t take his sunglasses off for the seventh form photo.

Walking home I saw a radio DJ walking the other way. He looks taller and skinnier and healthier than he looks in photos or on TV. He was listening to a Walkman, I was listening to a Walkman. I accidentally smile at him (it slipped!) and he smiled back. R@d!

I saw a wedding party drive past. Having 13 February as your wedding anniversary means celebrating that one day, then the next day celebrating Valentine’s day. So Valentines day will probably get pushed to the side because the couple will figure that there’s no point in doing flowers and dinner for two days in a row.

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