w00da l0ve

Apparently it’s not actually about love, it’s just a cynical marketing ploy. Perhaps I’m immune to cynical marketing ploys, but the only thing I’ve bought (so far) today is coffee, a sandwich, a drink and a milkshake. Oh, and I bought a bus ticket. That must be it! Yes, those damn marketing people have manipulated me into patronising public transport on Valentines Day. I feel so used.

The mind control cult was good today. I’m trying to figure out how to describe the day’s activities without making it actually sound like a freaky mind control cult. I’m not sure if I can be done. But it was fun and revealed much.

I was joking with a friend of mine who’s also doing the course. He said that we might be being brainwashed into thinking that having a shitty job is ok. “I no longer desire a fulfilling career in the arts. I instead am happy to be a checkout operator.”

Last night I saw The WBC play (again) at Papa Jacks. It was really hot – I got all sweaty just standing around. It was one of those shows where the audience doesn’t really warm up until near the end, and then they were begging for more. I took a bunch of photos, so they’ll eventually end up somewhere on the interweb once I’ve got them off my camera.

There’s an anti-war march tomorrow (as there are all over the world). The flier I have says that it starts in QE2 Square. I’m not sure what that’s going to consist of considering that, uh, QE2 Square is currently fenced off under construction. Maybe the masses will gather outside the nearby Starbucks?

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