Thrills and bills

A few months ago my laptop fell on the ground. I was visiting my parents and had put it on a bed – an unexpectedly springy bed. When I sat down on the bed the whole side of the bed sank down and the laptop slid on the floor. It hit the carpeted floor on the side where the power cord plugs in. The computer was fine, but the plug got a little bent. I got some pliers and managed to get it back into shape.

I could get the plug back in, although sometimes it needed a bit of twisting to get a proper connection. Things were ok until last night. The plug was in its slot, but no electricity was getting through unless I actually held the plug in a certain position. Then when I was going to bed, I pulled the plug out and there was sparking and crackling. Uh oh.

So today I went along to my local Mac dealer. It’s the normal Mac practise to not fix components but to replace whole parts, so I had to shell out about $230 for a new power supply. It’s a little bit stylier, but still. $230, maaaan.

This month has been full of billz, billz, billz.

But today I checked my post office box and the Shrug’s November EP was there. It’s so good. I heart the Shrugs. They’re playing at the Temple on Thursday. Hooray!

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