I was at St Lukes today and I saw a guy who’s in a band. A band that’s doing rather well for itself and was even given a full page profile in the last year’s rock issue of The Face. And there he was at this really un-rock mall. Yet he looked undeniably like a rock star. It was like he had this bubble of coolness surrounding him. I, however, felt like a daggy housewife. I was on a mission to get some of that shampoo that doesn’t encourage my hair to frizz up.

Today at the Mind Control Cult (MCC), the Charismatic Cult Leader (CCL) said that people who are all like “oh, I have found enlightenment and inner peace” are deluding themselves and that they are denying all the inevitable shit feelings. You need to come down to earth and feel the dirt between your toes. Ok, that’s a big paraphrase, but it’s all about the meaning, maaan.

It was announced today that M2 will be stopped the weekend after next. Oh, I will miss the late night music video delights. Particularly all the cool homemade videos on Number 8. I have a feeling that it’s going to be replaced with a different type of music video show. This is a good thing because there were parts of M2 that weren’t working. The top 12 was always dominated by the same songs every week, month after month, and it just got boring. DJ Sammy fans also need to feel loved and wanted, unfortunately.

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