Ah yeah, ah yeah, ah yeah

Happiness and joy can be found in the mp3 of Nsync doing the a capella Bee Gees medley at the Grammys. When they do “How Deep It Your Love” it’s just brilliant.

MCC was good today. Today we confronted our bullshit. I’m loud and rude and obnoxious but I try to be really nice and polite and well-mannered around people. Arrgh! But the advice is to just ride with it, to not try and ignore the shit. Hey, cool.

I saw the Shrugs play at the Temple tonight. The sound wasn’t all that great, but the Shrugs put on a scorching show. It was big and loud and really bloody choice. Plus also and, all of the Shrugs are hot, and that is what makes rock roll. Yes, come down with me into the swamp. They’re playing tomorrow in Raggiz and I’m going to see them again.

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