I went to the Pasifika festival. There are (at least) two kinds of people who go there: people who pronounce the festival’s name “paa-see-fee-kaa” and those who pronounce it “p’sufukuh”.

It was really crowded, to the point where it was annoyingly crowded, but I read that next year it’s going to be held over the entire weekend, so that ought to lighten the load.

I arrived just in time to see the Deceptikonz performing. They mentioned something about Ja Rule, which makes me think they may have done support at the Ja Rule show last night. They performed “Fallen Angels” last, and as the song started up the kids sitting near the front of the stage screamed and cheered. I saw a bit of Ill Semantics, but they always seem to be lacking something when they perform live.

The area was divided into different areas for each country. I found myself in the Niu Sila area. Last year it was called Aotearoa and reggae music was playing. This year there was some American R&B blasting. It was a little depressing that my home country had a Family Planning Stand, a bunch of food stands and nothing much else, but then I realised that I was there. I was right there in New Zealand. There didn’t even need to be a stand because the ground I was standing on was New Zealand.

I got some corned beef from the tent next to the giant inflatable corned beef tin. There’s a couple of music video by local artists that kind of fetishise canned corn beef. I’ve never been a huge corned beef fan, but every time I come to Pasifika I have some and it’s pretty good. Cooked up with cabbage and onions and served on rice, I can appreciate why those dudes like it so much they want to stick it in their videos.

Then the next delight on the menu was a coconut. They get a coconut, slice off the outer husk, chop the top off, stick a straw in and there’s a nice coconut full of coconut milk. Trop-o-licious goodness – not unlike Auckland.

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