Not Kraw, Kraw.

Dr Kraw didn’t used to get much email, but what email did come was from people who got the joke and would write asking for advice with their self-pollution problem.

But now Dr Kraw is getting a lot more email and it seems to be mostly from American teens who think it’s completely serious and are totally outraged. Most of these writers come to the defence of rock music, and alcohol, marijuana and premarital sex is often defended too. However, homosexuality and communism is rarely mentioned.

Surely there’s a gay 15 year old communist who’s about to stumble across the Dr Kraw web site and write an email of outrage. Something like:

dear “dr” kraw

who do u think u r to say that communism and being gay is WRONG???? i bet u r secretly gay and a communist 2. i am gay and i have been for a year. i like cock and im not afraid 2 admit it. i also believe in distribution of wealth and no communist do not eat cold gruel or rape and pillage!!!! i think u should think about what u r saying bcoz u could be offending people with your stupid words!!!!


I’m getting sick of all these outraged emails, so I’ve removed all the Kraw email links and put in a guestbook instead. I’m compiling the emails I’ve already received into another “Ask Dr Kraw” page so the good doctor will be able to dish out more advice for your entertainment, er, education.

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