I’m mentioned in the February edition of Onfilm magazine. How very glamourous it is to be mentioned in “New Zealand’s film, TV and video magazine”.

But that’s all it is, just a mention at the bottom of page 18. A friend of mine made a short film last year and I had a small part in it. So small that I didn’t have any lines, unless you count maniacally giggling as a line. So now the film is in post-production (whatever that means), which entitles it to be listed in the post-production column of the production page in Onfilm.

Great, I can add this to my CV.

Speaking of CVs, today I saw a man and woman sitting in a cafe. The man was looking through the woman’s CV. I could see him flicking through page after page of various merit certificates from high school. Ok, so after that John Davy business people are more suspicious about proof of qualifications, but is an employer really going to demand proof that you really actually worked in the school canteen in 1997 and 1998, or will just a mention in your CV be enough. Yeah, like that.

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