Oh Henry

I had a dream last night about Henry Rollins. I was just looking at the official Rollins web site. He’s touring Australia in April/May doing spoken word shows. There’s a show in Newcastle, but no sign of any New Zealand shows. But then, there was no Melbourne show listed either. Oh, fingers crossed.

I’ve seen Rollins do spoken word performances here twice. Once was at the Powerstation and it was very dark and serious and he got pissed off at some wanker who kept talking. Then I saw him a couple of years ago at the Regent and that was brilliant. It was just so much fun and funny and smart and cool. That is one of the reasons why I heart Rollins.

I saw “The Recruit”. The set up for the film is really good, all CIA/secret agent training stuff. But after a while it just turns into a boring run-of-the-mill Hollywood action film. Bang bang shoot shoot. If only a film like that could be resolved in a way that was as cool as the beginning.

Thursday night is so empty without M2. Instead there’s a gay movie showing. That’s gay as in homosexual, and gay as in bright and cheerful, and gay as in hopelessly uncool.

Oh, potential secret project a go-go! And I feel like growing my hair long.

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