Late night weekend TV viewing is just not the same now that M2’s gone. The movies TVNZ are now showing aren’t even good ones. “Highlander” is on tonight. No, thank you. I have “12 Monkeys” on DVD to watch instead.

I saw “Punch Drunk Love”. It’s like if the character that Adam Sandler plays in most of his films (child-like, violent) lived in the real world. I also have a suspicion that it was PT Anderson’s attempt at making a Coen brothers film and a Hitchcock film. Oh, and an Adam Sandler film. I’m not sure if it worked. Like, there were moments where it was good, but other parts where things seemed too dark and dull. PT Anderson is good with tension. There was that scene in “Boogie Nights” where they go to that guys house to (buy cocaine?), and there’s that freaky guy letter of bangy cracker things, and that was really full of tension. There’s some of that in “Punch Drunk Love”, but done differently. I saw PT Anderson’s first film “Hard Eight” a few weeks ago. That’s really simple and effective.

The first bit of Broadway in Newmarket – the bit between the roundabout and Khyber Pass Road, is possibly the most unpleasant bit of road in Auckland. It’s narrow, there’s lots of traffic that’s always crawling along, there are multi-storeyed buildings on each side blocking out the light and a train goes under it. I waited there for a bus today. I waited for so long that the horrible shittiness of that part of the road became an urban symphony (etc). Or maybe I took comfort in knowing that, according to the book my mum’s cousin wrote, the side of the road with the pool/cinema/carkpark/McDonalds used to be all park. Then the council build the pools, then a few years later built the car park, then the cinema came on top of the pool building, then the McDonalds in the bottom of the carpark. Fortunately little triangles of park remain at each end. Wait, how is that comforting?

Robyn says no to extending the Victoria Park motorway overpass.
Robyn says yes to a tunnel under the park.

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