Unleash your savoir-faire!

I saw “I Spy” today with Dylan. Dylan was annoyed to see a giant cut-out for “Charlie’s Angels 2” in the cinema lobby. I think his dislike of that stems from the fact that Drew Barrymores’s character is named Dylan. This provided him with a bit of grief during the release of the first film, so no doubt all those old feelings are coming back to haunt him. HA HA HA. DYLAN HAS A GIRL’S NAME!!!

But if he thinks he has it bad, he should grow being called Robyn and having to put up with all the Robin Hood TV shows and movies. Ha ha ha. Robyn has a boy’s name.

Ok, “I Spy”. It was disappointing. There were moments where it was really funny, but there were also moments where it was dull and I’d stop paying attention to the movie. You know there’ll be a scene in the movie where someone does something with almost comical precision, then it turns out to be a dream sequence, and their attempt to do that in real life is totally inept? Well “I Spy” was like the dream sequence. Ha ha ha! See the funny spies! If I want to see a funny spy parody I will see “Top Secret” on DVD.

Speaking of hot DVD action, I watched “Twelve Monkeys” again, but this time with the commentary track. Ok, when the film first came out I saw it three times at the movies and so I started picking up all these little details. One of the things that’s throughout the film is lots of monkey-themed items. I remember discussing this with a friend and I said that I’d just noticed that the TV in the mental hospital showed an ad for the Florida Keys. Keys, mon-key, the key to escape the mental hospital, etc. My friend looked at me and declared that I was reading way too much into the scene and, like, it was just the Florida Keys. He seemed to think that the destination of the Florida Keys had just been randomly chosen (by whom?). So tonight during the commentary Terry Gilliam himself said how great the script was with things like how the Florida Keys suggested monkeys and keys. Ha ha! I was right! Ok, I can let that one rest now.

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