Spice up ya life

Some people use words to stall for time while they’re thinking. Um, I used “um” quite a lot. “Um” is ok because it’s essentially meaningless. I was down at the local kebab shop tonight and there was a fellow kebab shop customer whose word was “yeah”. So when the kebab guy asked what he wanted, the conversation went like this:

Kebab guy: Yes.
Yeah guy: Yeah, a doner kebab, thanks.

Ok, so that’s nothing out of the ordinary, but then this happened:

Kebab guy: Would you like chilli sauce?
Yeah guy: Yeah, just yoghurt thanks.

So as soon as he said “yeah” the kebab guy picked up the chili sauce bottle and squirted chilli sauce all over the kebab. The yeah guy paused to object, but then seemed to realise that he’d just agreed to it and shut up.

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