I drove out to Huia today. It’s rool pretty out that. I sat in my car and looked out over the bay towards the Manukau Heads. They look like someone got a knife and sliced a bit off the end diagonally. My favourite bit, though, is when I’m driving down the hill towards Huia and I can see a tiny bit of the Pacific Ocean through the gap between the Manukau Heads and the end of the Waitakere Ranges. Ahh… lovely.

There was a party at my old flatmate’s new flat. I showed up and couldn’t find him so I gave him a call on his cell phone and discovered he was hiding in his bedroom. Ha ha. Later I was hanging out in his bedroom and picked up a random CD, opened it and found some class A drugs hidden in it. Yes, righto.

There was some really good music being played at the party, which is what happens when one of the flatmates is a really good DJ. Fo’ example:

  • I Come Off – Young MC
  • Saturday – De La Soul
  • Dub Be Good To Me – Beats International

Yes, yes, it’s early ’90s, and possibly I’m only digging it because of nostalgia, but it was good.

I went to the supermarket and there were large number of pairs of drunk teenage boys buying beer. “You rule, lady” one of them said to me. Yes, I know.

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