Oh hey, you know what I’m really sick of now? TV commercials that show the basketball court in the park next to Central Road in Kingsland. It’s become shorthand for a hip innercity location, because there’s the Bond Street overbridge in the background, a bit of the North-Western motorway flowing under that, some trees and grass, and of course the basketball court because that’s so hip and urban.

That park is just down the road from the Mind Control Cult headquarters, and it’s not all that hip and urban. I don’t think I’ve ever seen cool young Polynesian guys playing basketball and/or rapping. I’ve seen people playing touch, and once there was a guy asleep under a tree, but no basketball.

I think that now the park has appeared in a Telecom commercial the basketball court in front of the Bond Street overbridge can be considered a cliche. Make it stop.

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