Today I met up with a real proper novelist. This was part of a homework assignment for the MCC. The idea was that I talked to him about being a professional writer and what that involves. It was a little scary. He’s had several books published and one of them made into a movie, but a few times he has to stop and figure out where his income’s going to come from. But ultimately it was encouraging. There’s a bit of hope out there amid the unemployment.

My old flatmate’s cat has been spending most of the time outside or hanging out with the neighbours on either side, but tonight she was meowing outside the front door, so I let her in and she came and sat on the couch with me for a bit. Oh yeah, but as soon as I stood up she raced off into the kitchen and demanded to be fed.

I saw a film today. Yes, it’s true. It was “Crackerjack”. It’s an Australian movie about a yobbo who’s joined a bowling club so he can use their free parking. The bowling club is one short for a weekend game, so they call upon him, and it turns out he’s quite a good player. It was bloody funny. I laughed and laughed. One of the three other people in the theatre laughed too, but as that was Dilly-o and he was sitting in the immediate vicinity of me, that wasn’t surprising.

I was listening to Mai FM and they had a competition to win the Marbeck’s Phat Track, which was a CD single by 50 Cent. To win you had to listen to a scrambled up bit of a song and not only identify the song but also what remix it was. So after hearing just a few seconds I was like “OMG! That’s “Cry Me A River” by Justin Timberlake and it’s the 50 Cent remix!!!!”. I reached for my cellphone to ring Mai FM’s prizeline (the number is programmed in my phone), but I stopped, paused and realised that if I did get through I’d be like “Hi!!! I’m Robyn!!! I’m representing the 630!!!!! Peace II my notorious Mt Eden niggaz!!!!” and someone really cool would probably be listening and they’d be like, “damn, I thought Robyn was cool, but I guess she’s not.” So I didn’t call. I don’t have the 50 Cent single, but I’m still cool.

I wish it was actually Tuesday of next week. I’m so impatient.

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