O dirty river

I went to Hamilton today to see my dermatologist. When I arrived at reception there was a prisoner handcuffed to a guard while another guard stood by. When they left the receptionist made a comment about how the Department of Corrections were always slow paying their billz.

I was randomly driving around Hamilton and I had an urge to drive up a hill, like I’d do in Auckland. But Hamilton doesn’t have a lot of hills, so I ended up going to the lake and watched the dark grey water under the light grey sky.

It was strange driving around Hamilton. It seemed like there should have been more traffic on the streets. Intersections controlled with stop signs or roundabouts seemed like they should have had traffic lights with cars backed up for blocks.

It took me about an hour to drive from Hamilton to Manukau, and over two hours to get from Manukau to Mt Eden. Heavy rain, Bruce Springsteen and the rugby (mate) all contributed to the slowness. I finally made it home and it was cold and dark any rainy and all the close parking spaces had been taken by rugby spectators, but really that doesn’t matter.

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