Message to r00die

When I was 11 and in form one, I had this huge – huuuuge – crush on a boy in form two. Once he brushed past me, his woollen school jumper briefly touched mine. It was an utterly thrilling moment. I vowed that I would never wash my jumper ever again. Another time he accidentally showed up in my classroom for a meeting that was in another classroom with another teacher. When my teacher pointed out he was in the wrong place, he said “same difference”. I thought this was so cool and started using that phrase as often as I could. Then there was the time at the school social when he asked my friend to dance (she was in his class), and me and two other girls ended up joining her. As he looked around to see the three girls dancing with him, he said “something’s wrong”, oh, but as far as I was concerned everything was right.

Tonight at the (legendary) King’s Arse I was standing around, waiting for the WBC to set up. I glanced over at the bar and I saw him. Him, the boy I had had a crush on. Only now he was a 29/30-year-old man and he didn’t set my heart on fire any more. It was strange looking at him. He didn’t have the mullet any more, and there were a few wrinkles, but he still reminded me of how he was when he was 12.

I considered going up to him, but I realised that all I would have had to say would have been something like “Hi, you probably don’t remember me, but I went to the same intermediate school as you. And, um, I thought you were really cute. But I don’t any more. In fact, you’re really very ordinary looking. Ok, bye.”

So I just enjoyed the WBC playing. The new, improved stage is excellent. The sound is so much better, it’s clear and loud. Every instrument rang out loud and true. The WBC have even got the encore thing worked out now, and even did a second encore with the beloved “A Message To You Rudy”. During that song my former-crush emerged from the garden bar with a handle of beer in his hand and danced along.

Seventeen years later I can only wonder what on Earth I was thinking.

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