Yesterday on MaiFM I heard a curious exchange between two DJs.

It was changeover time, so the midday DJ was briefly chatting with the drivetime DJ. They were talking about how a few artists had delayed the released of their albums because tracks had been leaked onto the internet, so, for some reason, the tracks had to be reworked before they could be included on the album. I’m guessing it’s so that the album version of those songs is different enough to make people want to buy the album (well, until the new versions end up on the net).

Then they went straight on to talking about how 50 Cent had been dissing Ja Rule, and mentioned the “Ja Rule Duets 2” parody that 50 Cent had recorded. They got really excited about it and one of them said that they would go and look for it on the internet, but then quickly added that it was ok for them do to that because the track had already been released.

So, downloading mp3s is ok if the track has already been released. Ok, cheers.

“…And then I came across the mutilated corpse of a prostitute…” I’m watching an interview with Golden Horse on Squeeze. The band is sitting at a picnic table in a vineyard, drinking wine while Jane Yee interviews them. Geoff from Golden Horse is recounting a dream he had. It’s much more interesting than your average rock star interview. I’m still not enamoured with their music, though.

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